My Drone Builds

Welcome to the "My Drone Builds" gallery, where I showcase my collection of custom-built drones. As a drone enthusiast and builder, I take great pride in creating unique and high-performance drones for various applications, from capturing stunning aerial footage to racing through challenging courses. This gallery features a variety of my builds, ranging from compact and agile micro drones to larger and more powerful quadcopters. Whether you're looking for inspiration for your own drone build or simply appreciate the craftsmanship and design of custom drones, I invite you to explore my gallery and discover the world of drone building.

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Drones that don't exist anymore

Sadly flying drones also means every now and then crashing drones, that can be either because of a pilot error, malfunctioning hardware, or simply design flaws. Here is drones that got so damaged that I decided not to repair them anymore, as well as drones that got sacrificed for better builds