My Drones

With building and flying drones being my "largest" hobby, i've over the last few years build quite a collection of drones - ranging from tiny-whoops to large 7" kwads.

A special subset of my drones is my tiny champions, which is a series of very unique drones I'm working on building - some of those are already with their next owner, but you can find information about those on their own Tiny Champions Page, giving information on all tiny champions.

Right now you'll only find a part of my fleet here, but I'm regularly updating, hoping to get my whole fleet on here over time.

If you are new and looking to start in the hobby yourself, why don't you check out my Drone/FPV Guides?

Drones that don't exist anymore

Sadly flying drones also means every now and then crashing drones, that can be either because of a pilot error, malfunctioning hardware, or simply design flaws. Here is drones that got so damaged that I decided not to repair them anymore.