FlyFive33 Footy

A Weird One

When I first saw the footy frame I was amazed by the Idea of a frame that could be used in multiple configurations - and ordered one right away.

When it arrived I hadn't fully made my mind up on how to build it yet, and after staring at the frame box for days, I ultimately went with the canopy-up "race configuration".

While building I learned there is a few things I really dislike about the footy:

  • cable management, the backplate that comes with it has only holes for an SMA connector, thats all, there is no nice way of bringing out, or even mounting your RX antenna.. and using the hole in the backplate, you'll be flat horizontal with your vtx antenna.
  • the amount of force required to get the standoff thats holding the canopy into the canopy, knowing you'll never get it out there again, and with the backplate being interlinked, ending up with something thats a pain to work with
  • the LED kit thats used in the photos of their website still "coming soon" half a year later (and no build-in way of mounting normal led stripes below the canopy)
  • the frame comes with a rasp, because its not cut to perfect fit - they say thats to make sure there's no wiggle room, but the idea that ordinary people end up filing off carbon - without even getting a warning about the dangers of carbon dust.. seriously.

so yeah, this ended up not being my most favorite frame.

Well since I didn't want mine to be like every other one, I ended up making a snout-mount for the caddx peanut. Its probably the most stupid way to mount it, but hey, it kinda looks different.

Drone Parts
  • frame
  • stack
  • camera
  • rx
  • motor
  • tpu
  • FlyFive33
  • SpeedyBee
  • Caddx
  • Team Black Sheep
  • T-Motor
  • Peter Petermann