Combat Robots & the likes

I've been watching robot combat shows such as BattleBots, Robot Wars and NHRL for most of my life. For most of that time I thought "well, building a bot like that will need someone with much more hardware oriented skills than I have.

Well, guess what? All the drone stuff has tought me a lot of skills that are relevant in building a bot, and all of a sudden building an ant-weight seems a lot less intimidating than a few years ago - now rather than wondering where to start, I rather wonder "how the hell do I stay in size and weight limits of that class".

Here you'll find all information of my combat robot journey!


CR01 - name pending

This is my first (ant-weight) build, to get me started and learn.

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Testbed Robot

This is a testbed to work on my own firmware, allowing me to quickly reconfigure parts

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