About me or someone who is just alot like me...

My name is Peter Petermann, but as you are visiting my Homepage you probably know that already.

Besides my work in software development, I also have several hobbies that I try to spend time on, one of them is quite close to what I do on my job - developing software, games and sometimes websites, which is basically the reason why you can find information about some of my private projects here.

Now I could go on writing about all my other hobbies, like flying my drone, youtubing, reading, writing, my love for music, the sword fighting I used to do, but frankly, I don't want to put too much irrelevant stuff up here - also I believe I'm inherently bad in writing about myself

Feel free to visit my blog (link is on the upper right) to find another of such meaningless about pages - and a few hopefully more interesting posts as well..

If you feel you should know more about me than this, feel free to contact me, for example per email to: ppetermann80(at)gmail.com or chat to me on one of the usual social networks, you shouldn't have trouble finding me on linkedin, facebook, twitter..
If you need to contact me in a more secure way, you can reach me on ppetermann(at)protonmail.ch as well (I can recommend their service, and this to me is the preferable way), or you can find the public pgp key on the sks key servers (for the gmail-address) here

Code which might or might not be useful

Sometimes I publish some of my code, and sometimes people find that useful. If you are looking for any of my projects you better head to one of the more code related sites that they are hosted at.

As mentioned before - most you should find on github. However sometimes I write about codestuff too, which means the code category of my blog might be interesting too.

GameDev the game of making games

As I mentioned in my introduction, I spend some time with game development, both professionally and as a hobby, and I quite often visit gamejams, events where games are made in a very limited amount of time.

Right now I'm working on a website to showcase those games, and once I'm done, I'll probably link some of my projects here, until then this part will be rather empty.

As with the code, I have a section of my blog dedicated to gamedev, so you might find a bit of stuff here.

For those who are more interested in the results of gamejams (meaning: gaames) you can have a look at this Youtube Playlist, which contains all videos from gamejam games that I've worked on.

Websites because I wouldn't put it all on my homepage

Over the years I've ended up running a hand full of website, so I figure if you found my homepage, then probably because you might have been looking for one of these.

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2018.11.29 17:28:21

alright dear friends and followers, has any of you ever used composer with 's ? do you know of any good tools to upload your packages into it? and can it show what packages depend on a specific one?

2018.10.15 23:13:17

Adobe just announced Premiere Rush CC.. here is my thoughts on it.: http://youtu.be/GFNQRE2PyjQ?a  via

2018.09.30 22:15:04
King23, simple PHP MVC Framework
2018.09.14 11:37:29

does anyone know if there is a way to ereturn the look of to the one with the edges?

Today, 2018-09-12, a European Parliament committee has approved new copyright rules, that will forever change the internet. The majority of the politicians in the committee decided that the interests of a few large music and publishing companies is┬ámore important than …
2018.09.09 16:26:24
King23, simple PHP MVC Framework
2018.09.07 15:23:40
2018.09.06 13:47:08

after 3 month, its time to publish a new , isn't it? checkout those I took with my https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebiByn5e4r0 …

2018.08.31 18:48:19

if you run a website, don't ask me to subscribe to your push notifications when I'm not even a registered user of your site. this gets annoying.

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