Peter Petermanns Tiny Champions

Tiny Champions are unique, customized FPV drones, with custom canopies designed by myself.

The first one was designed as a scaled down version of my "Bloody" DCL style build, and it kinda grew from there.

A few I've build for people who I feel should have one, and either I've handed them over already, or I'm save keeping them until the time where I can hand them over - so you'll find a few here that aren't listed in my drones.

I usually post new builds on Instagram as well, so this might be the right place to invite you to follow me.

Tiny Champions FAQ

What is a Tiny Champion?

Tiny Champions are unique, customized FPV drones, with custom canopies designed by Peter Petermann

Where can I get a Tiny Champion?

The short answer is: you probably can't. Each single one is a small art project to me - some I build to give away to friends, others I just build for myself. You can always approach me if you feel you should own one, but most likely the answer will be "nope".

What does a Tiny Champion cost?

If the question is about buying a tiny champion: they are not for sale. I'm not saying there won't ever be one, but right now there are no plans of making this a product. If the question is about the sum of the parts: they range between 300 and 700 EUR, not counting the countless hours invested in the canopy design and the painting.

Where can I get the Canopy? Can you send me the STL?

The short answer is: no. The longer answer is a bit more complex:

  • this is first and foremost an art project, which in my opinion, as the creator, lives quite a bit of the factor of having drones that don't look like the ones you can buy on every corner, proliferating the canopy would take away from that
  • the canopies are my canvas, and I try to associate them with my name as well - I don't want people take the STL and build tiny champions that look like something I couldn't get behind (for example one that's painted full of hate symbols)
  • the canopy design is not a good design yet - I'm currently on version 6.2, which is considerably stronger and better than the first few were, but it won't make a good canopy for flying, as it is likely to break

How does a Tiny Champion FPV drone fly?

I assume the answer "the same way other quadcopters fly" is not what you are looking for? generally it (depending on the battery and version) is a sub 250g 3" fpv drone (on a 4" frame), so the power to weight ratio i good enough to make it fly ok. Obviously the increased surface due to the canopy creates some drag, so it will be flying less great than the frame with its original canopy. Generally I advice owners not to fly them (even though i flight-test all of them), as on even a light to medium crash unrepairable damage might occur on the canopy - they are really meant more for a nice show piece on the desk.