Tiny Champion #007

Golden Blue

After experimenting with 3d printed canopies for a while I felt I had reached what I could achieve on my home printer, so I had a look around on who could print the canopy in nylon for me - and found a company called Weerg from Italy, that offers MultiJetFusion prints - so I ordered a small batch of canopies from them.

The canopies themselve came out gorgeous, so I decided that I'll do my future builds with those. Now I had no idea how good it would take the paint, but after experimenting a bit, I'm satisfied.

For this build I didn't go with any extravagant looks, I opted for a "simple" job, white primer, silver metallic under layer, transparent blue candy color, and then some sprinkles of Gold. Didn't aim for much, but got a lovely result.

I had a bit of bad luck with the VTX i originally wanted to use, as it came dead on arrival, but turns out I could get one of my old AKK race in there just fine - maybe not as neat as soldering it directly to the board, but it works.

Drone Parts
  • vtx
  • camera
  • led
  • aio
  • frame
  • canopy
  • antenna
  • motor
  • motor
  • Akktek
  • Caddx
  • Manaz
  • Team Black Sheep
  • Team Black Sheep
  • Peter Petermann
  • Realacc
  • iFlight
  • iFlight