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About this website

Hi and Hello! My Name is Peter Petermann, but I also go by the gamertag Peter Powers - as you are visiting my personal website, there is a chance you know that already.

Besides my work in software engineering I also have several hobbies that I try to spend time on, one of them is quite close to what I do on my job - developing software, games and sometimes websites, which is basically the reason why you can find information about some of my private projects here.

Now I could go on writing about all my other hobbies, like flying my fpv drones, youtubing, reading, writing, my love for music, the sword fighting I used to do, but frankly, I don't want to put too much irrelevant stuff up here - also I believe I'm inherently bad in writing about myself

That said, have a look around, especially on the drone hobby, even more so about the fpv drones that i've build you should be able to find a few information in my drones list. There is also a special section for my tiny champions, a series of drones I've build that I consider an art-project of mine.

Feel free to visit my blog (link is on the upper right) to find another of such meaningless about pages - and a few hopefully more interesting posts as well.


If you feel you should know more about me than this, feel free to contact me, for example via email to: ppetermann80(at) or chat to me on one of the usual social networks, you shouldn't have trouble finding me on linkedin, facebook, twitter..

If you need to contact me in a more secure way, you can reach me at ppetermann(at) as well (I can recommend their service, and this to me is the preferable way), or you can find the public pgp key on the sks key servers (for the gmail-address) here

There is also public keys, as well as a few verified accounts of mine which you can find at Keybase.

Quite recently I've spooled up a GoToSocial instance as part of the fediverse, so if you use mastodon etc.. you can find me as