EMAX TinyHawk the little one..

My smallest kwad. I bought it in a complete kit, incl. a remote controller, and fpv goggles, and it turned out to be a great set to try it out the hobby and get started with it. Over time I upgraded my FPV equipment, which makes flying this little fun-pack even better.

You can find a link where you can buy a complete set below, and if you want a recommendation for an upgrade-path to a better FPV setup: upgrade Radio first, upgrade goggles later, as the remote is ok to try it out, but will hold you back later

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DJI Mavic Air my camera platform

My first real drone was a DJI Spark, which I originally bought simply with the intention to pep up the videos on my YouTube Channel a bit with some aerial b-roll. The drone videos however, quickly took over a huge part of my channel, and my interest in drones was sparked.

While I loved the Spark, it had some shortcomings as well - for example the lack of flat color profile, and only a two axis gimba. When the Mavic Air got announced I got excited enough to pre-order one, and once I arrived I fell in love with it - and I believe some of the videos I've shot on it clearly show that.

Until today, this is my personal go-to drone for everything where i need a stable camera platform, and you'll every now and then see video or pictures taken with it on my YT or instagram accounts!

Pyrobrat my first project

My first self build kwad. Well, first and a half? I originally build a Tyro79 Kit, but I really wanted a HD recording cam on it, so I added a Caddx Turtle V2 camera.. that however meant I did run out of space, so I had to tape the vtx to the outside of the kwad, which I really didn't like, so I had a look around for a 3" frame that looked promising, and ended up buying an Acrobot 163, which is a shameless China-Copy of Ummagawds Acrobrat. Now you can think about China-Copies what you want, this one has worked quite well for me since, and this, so far has been one of my most reliable kwad.


PP Cyg needs a better name

While building the Tyro79 I already had my eyes on a GEPRC Cygnus, but I really didn't want to buy a ready build one, so I picked some parts that seemed to make sense to me for building a small and lightweight kwad, and started having a go

Now, I'm not totally happy with it, as I wish it had just a tiny bit more space on the inside, but this one is flying a lot nicer than my first project - probably due to the lighter weight, and better motors.


PPStyle my first 5inch kwad

At some point I decided to build a 5" Kwad, as that seems the most common size, and after looking around I decided to get a HSKRC Freestyle 250 frame, which to some extend is a china clone of ummagawds Remix frame, however it comes with a few differences.


Frankenkwad made of pieces..

My first toothpick style kwad.. made out of pieces meant for 4 different machines. The motors are the original mobula 7 hd motors with an extremly high kv of 10000, the AIO board is a later version which was meant for some toothpick, it has a runcam nano for camera, uses the orginal mobula 7 hd vtx, and uses cable extensions from the fullspeed tiny-leader

PP Croc my first 6inch copter

All previous frames had one disadvantage: space so when I saw flywoo's mr croc frame, I knew I wanted one. Now, a few flights later I'm already looking into improving a few things about my build..


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