Tiny Champion #009

the Ambulance

This one I've build for my buddy Mike "O-Town FPV" Quercia, who I know from the Drone Community Discord. I enjoy our chats, and hes always been very positive about my builds, so when he asked if I'd build him one that he could show off on local events I gave it some thought.

When I tried to scope on what exactly he was looking for he told me about recent hospital bills, and how he had to take it easy on the money side of things - well, guess what I didn't plan to charge him anyways, but that kind of inspired me to make this exact build - so I asked him where he lived, and started doing a bit of research on how ambulances over there look.

I sat on that idea for a few month, painted a canopy in the colors, sat a bit longer on that, and finally got to do the actual build.

When I presented the first pictures to Mike he started talking about money again.. can you believe that? I told him I consider this a health care package, and in civilized countries health care is free.

Video of the alarm lights flashing

Drone Parts
  • aio
  • motor
  • canopy
  • camera
  • frame
  • rx
  • SpeedyBee
  • T-Motor
  • Peter Petermann
  • Caddx
  • Team Black Sheep
  • HappyModel