Freestyle 250

PP Style

At some point I decided to build a 5" Kwad, as that seems the most common size, and after looking around I decided to get a HSKRC Freestyle 250 frame, which to some extend is a china clone of ummagawds Remix frame, however it comes with a few differences.

The first build on this was based on a Diatone Mamba Stack, but that broke in a crash which in itself was a result of a lose cable on the camera I originally used. I then rebuild it based on a FlightOne stack, but on the first attempt for an flight the tight space of the frame caused the electronics to touch the frame, resulting into a short, which burned the electronics.

I then decided to rebuild it in the current manner, with the AIO FC/ESC combination, which saves considerable space. I later on added various TPU 3d printed parts to protect the bottom in harder landings, and replaced the back-door with a PLA print, as the TPU parts wouldn't fit with the original carbon one

Drone Parts
  • frame
  • rx
  • camera
  • motor
  • aio
  • vtx
  • FrSky
  • Caddx Ratel
  • DYS
  • Racerstar
  • Team Black Sheep