STP Eill Lancer 3.5"

Mini Master?

Recently I was looking for a 3.5" frame, as I felt I'm still lacking an o3 3.5" kwad.

While browsing I stumbled over this one, which on first glance reminded me quite a bit of the (SpeedyBee Master 5 HD)(/drones/speedy-bee-master-5-hd) which is my 5" o3 build for this season - so I ordered one of those thinking this might look nice next too eachother.

First of all: the frame looks really nice, and for the most of it there must have gone a lot of thought into it.

However, its actually an older design, thus the front section isn't build to hold an o3. With a bit of creativity I managed to get in the o3 camera anyways, but its a super tight fit and definitely loses any chance of changing the angle - and the cage is visible in the picture too.

I recently decomissioned this build, moving the electronics to a frame that fits them better.

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