My First Build

My first self build kwad. Well, first and ahalf?

I originally build a Tyro79 Kit, but I really wanted a HD recording cam on it, so I added a Caddx Turtle V2 camera.. that however meant I did run out of space, so I had to tape the vtx to the outside of the kwad, which I really didn't like, so I had a look around for a 3" frame that looked promising, and ended up buying an Acrobot 163, which is a shameless China-Copy of Ummagawds Acrobrat.

Now you can think about China-Copies what you want, this one has worked quite well for me since, and this, so far has been one of my most reliable kwads

Drone Parts
  • frame
  • kit
  • camera
  • Eachine
  • Caddx