PiratFrames Sloop V3

xmas build

Right after Christmas 2022 I stumbled first over the T-Motor Christmas Edition motors, and then Gemfans Christmas Edition Propellers - and I felt even though I was a few days late, a christmas build would make sense.

So I grabbed PiratFrames Sloop V3, and the first thing I did was paint it in theme-appropriate colors...

Somehow I feel it actually loses a bit ever since I added the camera mount that I designed for it, but I didn't want to run this without some actio cam.

You might think the FC is an odd, and maybe even limiting choice, and it is - but I had it in my parts-drawer for ages... so time to make use of it.

I had wanted to build on this frame for a while, as it comes highly recommended, and I mostly enjoyed the build - however, I still don't get the big hype about the torx screws the frame is using, and the PiratFrames branded Screwdriver I had bought fell appart during this very first build - the screw holding the driver in its grip got lose - its not a torx screw itself.. go figure.

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