gep-mk5-pro build

PP Mk5

Looking at my fleet I felt I didn't have a basic all-round 5" freestyle kwad - the closest probably being my shocker tank build, which is amazing but on the more heavy side of things. While many of my kwads probably can be flown on 6S i also felt it made sense to build a kwad that was purpose build for the higher voltage.

So, while I was pondering about what frame I might use for the build, I got a mail advertising for the new Geprc gep-mk5 frame and what I saw there spoke to me, so I ordered one.

I was not disappointed - from all frames that I've purchased so far, this is very much at the top of what came in the package not only was all hardware included, incl. some exra screws - it also came with basically every thing printed and foam, for any variant (analog, digital-vista, digital-au) you might want to build, it has a nice concept that creates extra space for the capacitor, space for a finder-beeper.. the tldr; it is a fantasticly well designed and engineered frame.

I've been flying this on a few occasions now, and I've been pretty happy with its perfomance, however, I managed recently to crash it quite hard a few times, so right now its not in flying order, however everything is repairable, but there is a few visual scars that will stay.

Drone Parts
  • motor
  • camera
  • stack
  • frame
  • rx
  • iFlight
  • Caddx
  • SpeedyBee
  • Geprc
  • HappyModel