SpeedyBee Master 5 HD

My first o3

When I saw this frame come out I instantly ordered one - somehow the optics really spoke to me, and I wanted to do an o3 build to start the new Season anyways.

The frame itself is beautifuly desgined and packaged, and I love how almost all screws come with 1 extra.. However, the arm/motor protectors it comes with needed screws longer than the ones that came with the motors.

That aside, the frame is great to build on, has a ton of space, and comes with almost everything you could think of I got the F7 stack alongside it - a stack I like anyways, being speedybees recommended one here.

Only thing annoyin me a bbit is that the ESC / FC cable goes along the side of the FC where they gyro is.. not optimal, but it should sit tight enough not to flap around and touch the gyro.

One thing I've started wondering about: with ELRS so booming, how come frame makers still add only brackets for tbs-size immortal-T's and not the tiny elrs ones?

Drone Parts
  • frame
  • stack
  • motor
  • rx
  • camera
  • tpu
  • SpeedyBee
  • SpeedyBee
  • iFlight
  • HappyModel
  • DJI
  • Peter Petermann

first flight

First time out flying this build was really enjoyable. The Kwad has a nice response, and although i'm planning to do a bit of tuning, it already behaved quite nice with the default tune.

The weight difference from not carrying a separate action cam was nice, although I need to do some flights in better weather to determine if the o3's video quality is good enough for myself - in this grey soup it really wasn't ideal.

Youtube video:

Youtube video:

second flight day

I finally managed to bring this build out on a more sunny day, and while the video from my first pack on the 5" that day is probably not the most exciting one, its good enough to have convinced me to try this season without an extra action cam - not only is o3 amazing while flying, the quality of the video is good enough for me.