Dwarf Falcon

a reborn drone

I didn't really like how my STP Eill Lancer 3.5" worked out, sure I had gotten the o3 camera in somehow, and it would fly, but it bothered me - so when I stumbled over the Dwarf Falcon on my search for new, interesting frames on ali express, I decided to transplant the electronics from the old frame to this one - which to my understanding has been designed by the same guy.

There is two different ways of building this in the description on Ali-E but I ended up building it yet slightly different, as I prefer my battery on-top I build what they call the inverted configuration, which puts the xt30 plug where it belongs, but I didn't want to build a pusher config, so I ended up putting the motors in a regular config.

Sadly I suffered a stroke a few days after building this, so I haven't been flying it yet - and there aren't many photos of it yet either

Drone Parts
  • frame
  • motor
  • aio
  • rx
  • camera
  • D-Power
  • T-Motor
  • Diatone
  • RadioMaster
  • DJI