FlyFive33 Tiny Trainer

PP Tiny Nebula

I fell in love with the frame the first time I saw it on youtube, and when I learned that there was a european shop having it, there was no stopping me.

Now getting fitting AIO and Motors or Batteries was PITA as everyone seemed to buy those to build their garden-friendly-toothpick at the same time.

Then wanting to have it in HD I had to improvise a few things - for example cutting into the canopy to enlargen the opening so the caddx vista air unit would fit, extending the standoffs, and adding a few 3d printed parts to the mix.

I love the results.

Most recently I updated to Crossfire, and as the board I originally used didn't have a full uart for it, I upgraded the AIO too

Drone Parts
  • aio
  • camera
  • tpu
  • frame
  • motor
  • Diatone
  • Caddx
  • Peter Petermann
  • FlyFive33