Baby X-Knight

lazy build

This is probably my most "lazy" build.

After I had flown a friends Baby Hawk II HD, I decided to get one of these - the 3.5" format seems to be a nice sweet spot. When I saw the x-knight35 frame, I thought "thats a better looking frame..." and ordered one. Not wanting to spend too much time on it, and being impressed with the babyhawks capabilities I decided to go the lazy route, and simply bought the same components that are in the babyhawk, including the same AIO.

The result is a great little kwad, perfect to carry my CADDX Peanut, and small enough to always find some place in my backpack when going out to fly.

One note: I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the TPU parts that came with the frame, but BetaFPV provided all STLs on their website, so printing them myself in the color I wanted was an option.

Drone Parts
  • aio
  • motor
  • camera
  • rx
  • frame
  • antenna
  • tpu
  • Emax
  • Emax
  • Caddx
  • Team Black Sheep
  • BetaFPV
  • VAS
  • Peter Petermann