PP StyleGod

So this one I've build to commemorate a year of building kwads, celebrating with a bit more of a show kwad, featuring 36 LED (and customized betaflight firmware to go along, as default Betaflight will only support up to 32).

To up my game I've also gone for a Caddx Vista Air Unit, making this my first HD kwad. As the cable for the caddx vista from cam to its air unit part was too short, I replaced it with the cable of an original DJI air unit

Drone Parts
  • motor
  • aio
  • camera
  • tpu
  • frame
  • led
  • led
  • iFlight
  • Racerstar
  • Caddx
  • Peter Petermann
  • B6FPV
  • Mateksys