Cygnet CX3 build


While building the Tyro79 I already had my eyes on a GEPRC Cygnus, but I really didn't want to buy a ready build one, so I picked some parts that seemed to make sense to me for building a small and lightweight kwad, and started having a go.

Now, I'm not totally happy with it, as I wish it had just a tiny bit more space on the inside, but this one is flying a lot nicer than my first project - probably due to the lighter weight, and better motors.

After getting my DJI HD Goggles I decided I needed a sub 250g drone that would carry a compatible system, hence I replaced the Caddx Turtle and the TBS Unify with a Caddx Vista System.. which made this build even better.

I then added an Insta360 Go to the setup for nice video recording while still staying sub 250g, but had a harsh crash at its first flight. After the crash I rebuild it replacing the previous XSR-M receiver with an R9 MM while improving the camera mount to also mount the antenna, while shaving off some weight.

Most recently I updated this with a Crossfire RX

Drone Parts
  • motor
  • rx
  • frame
  • stack
  • camera
  • Amax
  • Team Black Sheep
  • Geprc
  • Airbot
  • Caddx