Pheal PHP EVE API Library

Pheal is a PHP library for accessing the EVE API, its basically a PHP port of EAAL. It uses some metaprogramming foo to ensure it does not need changes when the EVE API is changed. It also contains a simple file cache that can respects the EVE APIs cache timers.

Blog Articles on Pheal

I'll be trying to make a few more posts on usage of pheal soon, here are the current ones:

[2014.05.10 10:02:31] 2014 Project Cleanup
[2012.12.08 18:32:25] Pheal: the next generation (PhealNG)
[2011.10.26 07:10:55] Pheal 0.1.0 released
[2011.06.10 12:25:38] listed at
[2010.07.04 11:22:17] King23 Pheal CLI
[2010.06.03 14:58:34] Pheal: PHP EVE API Library



check out the readme that comes with Pheal