Shocker Peanut Mount

for all sizes

This is a remix of uforics peanut mount, paired with sebcbiens GoPro mount for the Shocker.

Tested with:

  • Caddx Peanut
  • Catalyst Machineworks The Shocker (3.5")
  • Catalyst Machineworks Shocker Tank (5")

You'll notice that you don't necessarily need the remix, as you can just use the two parts by themselves, by screwing one to the other, however, I don't like those screws much, as in my experience they are annoying to exchange in the field anyways, and if you use the GoPro style thumb screws they will hang quite long over your props.

to use you will need 20mm 3M standoffs, I seem to remember the shocker tank coming with them, while the shocker 3.5 did not have them included (i might be wrong about the tank).

Print with my default TPU settings with regular Saintsmart TPU

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